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Get Injury Clients More With PTSD Screening

FACT: 1 out of 4 motor vehicle accident survivors will develop PTSD from the accident.

Surprisingly, compensation for psychological damage including PTSD, depression, panic disorder and generalized anxiety is rarely included in injury settlements.

Get your accident and injury clients their full entitled compensation by partnering with us at Family Psychiatry and Therapy to screen and assess your clients for PTSD as part of their standard medical evaluation.

Our evidence-based screening process will:

  • Connect the accident/injury incident to the need for treatment
  • Provide legally admissible documentation of psychological harm
  • Distinguish between new and pre-existing mental health conditions
  • Determine whether the accident or injury was exacerbated by a pre-existing condition

We are the leading mental health medical practice in New York and New Jersey for PTSD cases stemming from a traumatic accident or injury. We partner directly with personal injury attorneys to help their clients receive the mental health treatment they need and the compensation they deserve following an accident.

Learn more about mental health screening for your accident and injury clients on our attorney information page:

You can also reach us at 201-977-2889, option two.

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