Sibling Rivalry

Navigating Sibling Rivalry With Behavioral Therapy

If you grew up with siblings, you know how challenging those relationships can be. Sibling rivalry can be as simple as teasing or as complex as competitive behaviors and bullying. The Family Psychiatry & Therapy team is dedicated to helping our patients connect with their families by navigating the complex relationships within every family unit. With our help, we can help ensure that your family builds healthy relationships and experiences heightened emotional well-being. If you’re struggling with sibling rivalry in your relationship, find out how our behavioral therapy programs can help you navigate them and build loving, trusting family units.

How To Navigate Sibling Rivalry With Behavioral Therapy

Sibling rivalry is a common struggle in many people’s families. This rivalry can lead to discord within the family unit due to the numerous cases of conflict it can cause. The Family Psychiatry & Therapy team will use practical techniques to work with you and your family. These techniques focus on helping siblings understand each other and manage the complex nature of their relationship. We start by working with each child individually, as well as working with the entire family unit, with the goal of fostering respect, improved communication, and empathy.

Through this treatment program, we’ll help promote the following benefits:

  • Enhancing Understanding and Management of Emotions – Emotions can be confusing and overwhelming, especially when we’re younger. Understanding the source of these feelings and how to address them is essential to overcoming negative behaviors such as destructive behavior and lashing out.
  • Effective Communication – Learning to communicate clearly and effectively is a lifelong journey, but we can help your children get a leg up. By learning these techniques, your children can share their feelings respectfully. This process helps minimize the risk of misunderstandings while avoiding situations that could escalate into conflict.
  • Empathy Development – Effective communication that helps boost understanding leads to greater empathy between ourselves and those we communicate with. 
  • Conflict Resolution Skills – Without being able to communicate effectively, it can be challenging to resolve conflicts in a way that lasts. Proper communication leads to true understanding, recognition of the challenges everyone involved is facing, and effective resolution of the conflict itself.

Every family, and each of its members, is different. Understanding that the dynamics involved are unique allows us to tailor the approach and treatment. This ensures that the results are better and that the treatment produces effective change that helps improve family dynamics in the long term.

Work Through Your Family Challenges With Family Psychiatric & Therapy

As your family thrives and grows, you will face numerous challenges along the way. Sibling rivalry is one of those challenges, which can have many causes. Family struggles such as divorce or trauma can be an instigating factor, as can difficulty managing the challenges of growing up. When can provide treatment at any of our offices in Paramus, Upper Saddle River, Patereson, and East Orange, NJ, or you can contact us to learn about teletherapy options at (201) 977-2889. Don’t let sibling rivalry tear your family apart; contact us today to start your healing journey.

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