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How Family Systems Therapy Promotes Healing From Grief and Loss

Managing loss and grief can be difficult to manage on our own. The healing process can be much more convoluted when an entire family is affected. Family systems therapy is an effective approach to promoting healing and finding inner resilience. Family Psychiatry & Therapy has embraced this integrative approach to helping families heal from trauma caused by grief and loss. If the loss of a loved one has recently impacted your family, reach out to our team for help today.

How Family Systems Therapy Promotes Healing From Grief and Loss

Family systems therapy focuses on treating families who have experienced grief and loss as a single emotional unit. This means that both the emotions of the individuals within the family, and the family relationship as a whole, are addressed. The family is a complex structure that interacts in unique and varied ways that can make the healing process difficult. Even if the individuals within the family have gone through their own healing process, the family as a unit can remain damaged.

The primary goals of family systems therapy in managing grief and loss include:

  • Improved Communication: Communication issues can cause many barriers within the family. These barriers become even more problematic when complex and painful emotions such as loss and grief are involved. Family Systems Therapy focuses on creating a safe space for everyone in the family to communicate their emotions and fears while developing understanding and empathy.
  • Strengthening Bonds: When grief is shared, it can create rifts and tension within a family unit. Families can use therapy to learn interdependence, supporting, and receiving support from everyone else in the family. This can help promote the growth of bonding and unity within the family.
  • Developing Healthy Coping Mechanisms: One of the hardest parts of surviving grief and trauma is finding coping mechanisms that work for you. Some of these techniques include self-care, processing guilt, and regret, and finding ways to honor the memory of those lost.

Family systems therapy requires all those involved to commit to openness and honesty within the family unit. Those participating will attend regularly scheduled therapy sessions with a skilled and experienced team member. They will facilitate communication and healing with expertise and compassion.

We’re committed to providing your family with the support and guidance needed to heal from your loss and grief. We will focus both on the individuals and the family unit as a whole, helping them find healing and peace in their grief.

Get Started With Family Systems Therapy Today!

If your family is struggling with navigating the difficult emotional experience that is grief and loss, contact our offices today. We’ll arrange for an initial meeting where we will discuss the family systems therapy process and how it can help you recover from our loss. Rifts within a family unit can have a ripple effect on the emotional well-being of everyone involved. Call our offices today at (201) 977-2889, or stop in and see our team at one of our locations in Paramus, Upper Saddle River, Patereson, and East Orange, NJ.

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