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How Forgiveness Helps Heal In Family Therapy

Forgiveness is an essential part of the healing process. This aspect of the therapeutic process is critical in family therapy situations. The dynamics in a family are often complex and muddied, and the hurts caused by them can run deep. Family Psychiatry & Therapy is dedicated to helping families like yours overcome past trauma and come together. Forgiveness is often the first step if you’re struggling to rebuild relationships within your family.

How Forgiveness Helps Heal In Family Therapy

When we think of forgiveness, many people make the mistake of tying this concept in denial or minimization of the original hurt. In the context of family therapy, forgiveness focuses on releasing bitterness, resentment, and the potential desire for revenge against the one who caused the harm. The goal is to lift the burden of the past so that there is the potential for a healthier, happier relationship in the future.

There is a saying: “Forgiveness is for the forgiver, not for the one being forgiven.” This saying highlights the benefits of unloading the negative emotions attached to the original event. These benefits include:

  • Healing Of Emotional Wounds: Emotional wounds can be complicated to heal. This healing process is only prolonged when focused on the pain and associated anger. Forgiveness allows us to overcome the pain and focus on the relationship’s future.
  • Improved Communication: An important part of healing is learning to communicate our feelings honestly and candidly. This means the feelings of those involved must be shared openly and addressed. This isn’t a one-time process, so the focus is on developing communication tools that can be used moving forward.
  • Improve Family Dynamics: Eliminating past resentments allows the alteration of harmful patterns in the relationship. Without changing the dynamics of the relationship, the old wounds will struggle to heal and will likely recur moving forward.
  • Promoting Mental Health: Those who have learned how to embrace healthy forgiveness have been shown to have improved mental health. Feelings of anxiety, depression, and stress have been shown to be greatly reduced in these patients.

There are a variety of techniques used to promote the embracing of forgiveness within family therapy. These approaches include reframing situations, developing empathy, and working through guided communication exercises. The Family Psychiatry & Therapy team is committed to providing a successful healing experience for you and your family. We know this process is a delicate one, and we’re here to help each family member navigate their feelings on the road to forgiveness.

How We Integrate Forgiveness Into Family Therapy

When you come to see the team at Family Psychiatry & Therapy, you’ll know you’re in the hands of professionals dedicated to helping your family heal. We understand the complexity of navigating family conflicts, especially those with longstanding conflicts, trust issues, and problems with communication. You can start by reaching out to our offices at (201) 977-2889 or dropping by one of our locations in Paramus, Upper Saddle River, Patereson, East Orange, NJ. Isn’t it time your family starts its journey to overcoming past trauma and finding healing through therapy and forgiveness?

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