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Why Come Alone To Your Child’s First Therapy Appointment

Therapy can be a powerful and effective way of helping your child navigate life. It introduces them to clear language they can use to explain their emotions. They learn how to develop clear boundaries and make healthy decisions. Self-regulation is an essential skill that they can develop during therapy. While any child can benefit from therapeutic care, those who have experienced traumatic events can benefit in particular. Going with your child to therapy can also help build meaningful relationships with them, but you may want to come along during the first visit.

Why Come Alone To Your Child’s First Therapy Appointment

This suggestion often catches parents off-guard, but it’s essential to benefiting from your child’s therapy. Our first visit can involve discussing challenging subjects and your emotions surrounding the situation. Parents like you need an opportunity to explain their struggles in clear and unfettered language. However, doing so with the child present can have severe consequences for your progress and their self-esteem.  

During your first visit, we’ll be discussing the following:

  • The nature of your child’s struggle, including their symptoms.
  • The impact these struggles have had on their social relationships, education, and family.
  • Your understanding of your child’s symptoms and experience.
  • Your relationship with your child’s symptoms and behaviors.
  • Any consequences your child may have faced due to their struggles.
  • What treatments we may offer, and what we’ll be trying.
  • What steps you can take at home to help them progress.
  • What each session will contain, and what to do before and after.

Needless to say, there may be a lot said in this initial meeting that will best be shared in an environment where you can speak frankly. Even if nothing you say about your child is negative, the topics can be difficult or humiliating for them to hear you communicate. After this initial visit, we’ll have a broad game plan in place for helping you, and your child overcome the challenges they face. Further, there are often benefits to the parent continuing to be present during these sessions, even if they are outside the actual room where the session is taking place.

Occasional independent visits after this initial one can also be beneficial. You can discuss what you’ve learned in the previous sessions and learn new techniques to continue the healing process. You’ll also be able to determine which behaviors you’re observing are symptoms and how to respond to them to help them improve.

Learn More During Your Initial Visit To Family Psychiatry & Therapy

If you want to discover new ideas and pathways forward for you and your family, contact us today at (201) 977-2889 to schedule your first session. Therapy is a powerful tool to help families heal, and individuals thrive and excel. We’re dedicated to helping everyone that comes to one of our offices in Paramus, Upper Saddle River, Paterson, or East Orange, NJ, get the most out of therapy. We’ll be there every step of the way to help you and your family overcome your challenges and navigate the healing process.

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