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The Incredible Benefits Of Mobile Mental Health

There have been fundamental growth in the world of communication technology in the past few decades. As these technologies have started to become more available, new forms of health care have begun to appear, taking advantage of this tech. The old nutshell of “I’ve got an app for that” is becoming true in an immense number of ways. Among them is the management and scheduling of our mental health care. These innovations have brought access to mental health to more people than ever through telehealth technology. Modern apps make it possible to meet with your therapist from anywhere, track your progress, and keep up with your appointments.

The Incredible Benefits Of Mobile Mental Health

There are a significant number of ways that mental health can be provided in our modern world. Crisis centers used to require a phone call but can now receive and respond to texts from those in need. This is critical as it permits individuals to reach out for help in a private format, even in a room full of people. Therapists are able to track your behavioral patterns, including where you go, how much sleep you’re getting, and more. This allows your therapist to intervene if you’re heading towards a potential crisis situation.

The Good And Bad Side Of Mobile Mental Health


  • Convenience – Treatment can be received anywhere you are, without the need to visit the office. Transportation and scheduling concerns that used to interfere with care have become a non-issue.
  • Anonymity – There are numerous reasons that you may wish to keep your mental health concerns private. With no need to explain visits across town, or the risk of seeing your car in the parking lot of your therapist, this is easier than ever.
  • Good First Step – Many new mental health clients report that its easier to take that first step to get help. The nervousness involved with meeting a therapist face to face can be overcome using remote mental health options.
  • Lower Cost – Many therapists are able to reduce the cost of their care by eliminating the need for a physical office. This also increases the number of patients they can serve and the area they can provide care to.
  • Greater Therapist Insight – Your therapist, gets to observe you in your natural environment, which can tell them a great deal about your progress and needs. This insight helps to improve the care they can deliver.


  • Insurance – This is a rapidly changing trouble point, but not all insurance providers are supporting telemental health visits.
  • Hardware Needs – One complication is the requirement for access to electronics that can accommodate remote care. While all that’s needed is a smartphone or computer that is video-capable, not all patients have these.

As you can see, the benefits of mental health far outweigh the drawbacks. Obviously, the above instances are only related to remote mental health care. There are also new mobile apps that can be used to assist your mental health journey. They help patients like you develop good habits and overcome certain struggles associated with mental health concerns.

Enquire About Mobile Mental Health Today

The most effective way to benefit from mobile mental health is to speak to your mental health provider. They’ll let you know what services they offer and how they can help you in a remote format.

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