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Therapy for Any Stage of Life, for Any Group of People

Coming to therapy could be just what you need—whether you come by yourself, with your partner, in a group, in a time of turmoil or a time of joy. It could be the answer to helping you with stress, anxiety, trauma, relationship trouble or finding your path in life. At Family Psychiatry and Therapy, no matter why you come to us, you’ll always be met with compassion, confidentiality, and safety. Our therapists are here to help you no matter where you find yourself in life—including when you’re a parent, in a relationship or a part of a larger family.

Therapy isn’t just for those who are ”lost” or “troubled.” Evidence-based psychiatry is for anyone, young or old, in any capacity if life’s path—including when you’re part of a larger family structure. The dynamics that exist when you’re in a relationship or are a parent or part of a family can become stressed. Not everyone is always living in harmony and life isn’t always going as planned. When these unexpected twists and turns take place, these relationships can become strained. A key to successful relationships, parenting or family life is empathetic communication and harnessing the right tools to bring about resolution.

Therapy for Parenting

Being a parent is no easy task. It’s one of the most challenging roles you can play in your life, but it is also one of the most rewarding—as well as one of the most unexpected. As your child grows older, they become their own truly independent person, and that can take you on the ride of a lifetime. Despite being a parent, though, you don’t always have all the answers and you simply can’t be in control of everything that happens with your child.

Many factors affect how a child develops, learns and behaves. From birth order, uncontrolled peer pressures, sudden traumatic events, school experiences, and mental disorders, parents are playing a constant tug-of-war with nature versus nurture. Aside from these factors that are seemingly out of a parent’s hands, though, they remain one of the most powerful influences in their child’s life. What a parent does and says to their child can have lasting effects.

Sometimes, though, parents don’t always know what to say or do in the face of adversity, struggle or confrontation. There are many times when a parent is coping with their own experiences—past or present—and they’re left emotionally drained and with a compromised ability to make decisions. A parent could be living through a difficult divorce, have grown up in a volatile home with poor parenting role models, or they could be suffering from financial hardships, all while trying to raise their own child as best as possible.

We know that parents need a helping hand, too—and that’s why we’re here. Family Psychiatry and Therapy is ready with professionals who will take into account your parenting style and emotional state when planning the best therapy for you. We take the time to listen to you, uncover the roots of any kinks in the parent-child relationship, and plan a tailored course of action to get you and your child on the path to a happy, healthy future. With compassionate help, you will be shown specific skills you can take back and use with your family at home. Through building good habits and opening communications from you to your child, your progress will be monitored in our sessions until your goals have been met. Don’t panic when you don’t have the answers; let us help you today.

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Therapy for Couples Seeking Understanding

Just as it isn’t necessary to be in a tumultuous spot to seek therapy as an individual, the same goes for couples. While counseling for couples is a great way to resolve unfinished issues or repair strains that could lead to separation or divorce, it is also an excellent solution for couples seeking improved intimacy or understanding.

Our therapists provide safe, confidential spaces and are always unbiased—so you will never have to worry about someone picking one side or the other when it comes to conflict. Often times, relationships struggle when the line of communication is kinked or completely shut off. When neither partner wants to talk with the other, and there are many reasons why talking has ceased, molehills can grow into mountains and small problems suddenly seem unresolvable.

When seeking therapy, our counselors will work with couples to reopen streams of communication. Successful therapy depends on the motivation and dedication to commit to using skills learning in session by each partner. Through adherence to learned processes, couples can expect to become better listeners as well as better communicators as each partner finds new ways to support one another. Therapy can bring about valuable discoveries while opening communication and tightening bonds. When beginning couples therapy at Family Psychiatry and Therapy, goals will be set under the guidance of our professionals who are here to help you and your relationship.

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Family Therapy in North Jersey

Families, big or small, are ever changing dynamic beings. With so many different personalities, ideas, emotions, developmental stages and motives, taking time to check in with everyone is often necessary to make sure the family unit is in a healthy state of mind. This type of psychological counseling helps families improve overall communication while resolving conflicts.

Seeking family counseling is often a short-term venture, and it may include the entire family or just a few family members facing hard times or conflict and willing to participate. We will never force those who don’t wish to participate to come to a family therapy session. The course of counseling we develop with you depends on your family’s specific goals and situation—and all voices will be heard in the process.

The skills taught at Family Psychiatry and Therapy are intended to deepen family connections and build resilience to get everyone through trying or stressful times. These are skills and habits each family member will be able to use throughout life, well after family therapy sessions have come to an end. Family therapy can be most useful in any family situation that causes stress, grief, anger or conflict, helping family members to understand one another better and bring each of you closer together.

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When it comes to parenting, couple or family relationships, feelings, events and situations are always changing. These changes can cause stress or struggle and even shut down communication. Don’t let these relationships dissipate or endure tough times. Our practitioners are here to help you today.

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