Individual & Group Therapy

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Therapy Right for Individuals and Groups

Whether you’re seeking one-on-one individual therapy or help in a group setting, Family Psychiatry and Therapy is ready to help you today. Psychiatric help is truly for anyone and everyone—even happy people. Misconceptions may lead you to believe that therapy is only for the unhappy, the depressed or those experiencing trauma, when, in reality, therapy is a great way to learn the skills to be a happier, healthier, more productive you.

Reasons to seek therapy range from coping with a mental disorder, like depression or anxiety, to managing an illness, weight loss, abuse, divorce or the day-to-day responsibilities we’re faced with. There is no “right” or “wrong” reason to seek therapy as talking openly to a therapist who is neutral, objective and always nonjudgmental may be just what everyone needs. The goal through psychiatry is to simply come out feeling happier and healthier than before while being armed with the skills you need to face what life puts in front of you.

From the moment you walk through our doors, you’ll be greeted by a nurturing and confidential atmosphere that guarantees safety and support in a compassionate way. When it’s time to restore, rebuild or improve your life, individual and group therapy at Family Psychiatry and Therapy may be just what you’re looking for to achieve all that is possible.

Individual Therapy at Family Psychiatry and Therapy

Sometimes life can be overwhelming with your family, home, friends, career, school, finances and more tugging on your mind. Or perhaps you simply need someone to talk to—whether you feel “stuck” in life or simply need to unload some ideas or opinions weighing you down. When these instances happen, you can always turn to us. If it’s time for you to seek therapy for whatever reason, individual therapy may be what you need.

Individual therapy, also referred to psychotherapy (talk therapy) or counseling, is a process through which clients work one-on-one with a trained therapist—in a safe, caring, and confidential environment. These one-on-one sessions will explore a patient’s feelings, beliefs or behaviors, work through challenging or influential memories, identify aspects of their lives that they would like to change, better understand themselves and others, set personal goals, and work toward those goals. The experienced practitioners at Family Psych will help you build an emotional vocabulary so you can better identify what you’re feeling. We’ll also help you accumulate the skills and habits you need to resolve problems, thoughts and emotions once you recognize why they’re happening.

You could be facing major life challenges or trauma, trying to cope with depression or anxiety, or simply desiring a wave of your own personal growth. No matter why it’s time to start your path toward a happier you for the long haul, we always work with you to establish your own set of personal goals. Our mission is your mission—your desired change is what we’ll work with you to accomplish.

Explore the Benefits of Group Therapy

Family Psychiatry and Therapy also offers group therapy session. Unlike individual talk therapy, group therapy provides patients the opportunity to discuss common concerns, explore personal issues and learn new skills under the guidance of group leaders. You may be encouraged to discuss the dynamics within the group, relating to one another, as well as your life outside of the group.

By interacting with other people and receiving feedback from the group and the psychiatrist, each individual can gain a greater understanding of himself or herself. The benefits of group therapy are vast yet differ slightly from individual psychotherapy. When discussing your worries, emotions or experiences in a group full of like-minded individuals, you’re left feeling like you aren’t alone. Where you may have felt isolated with your experience or thoughts before participating in a group therapy session, you suddenly discover you’re part of a community that is compassionate and can empathize with exactly what you’re going through.

You may also find that a feeling or thought you’ve had but haven’t quite been able to put your finger on can be perfectly articulated by another in your group. You could feel relieved. You could feel inspired. You could simply feel excited that someone just put into words what you’ve been going through. No matter what, you’ll feel less isolated and more able to give support and receive support—both things you may have struggled with previously. This sort of newfound self-awareness is invigorating and important in the therapy process.

Group therapy is an arena where compassion and empathy are offered without question. You’ll learn to give respect and compassion as well as have respect and compassion for yourself, which is something many people struggle with. It’s also a place where you can learn to relate with others and establish a safety net. You’ll be less fearful of faltering on your course of life because here you will always have a group of people to relate with and lift you up.

Sometimes, people choose to participate in both individual and group therapies. What you discuss and experience in a group session can be further elaborated on and explored in individual therapy.

Become a Happier You with the Right Therapy: Individual or Group

No matter whether you decide individual or group therapy is right for you, understand that this is a journey about you. Seeking therapy isn’t an endless venture. There is always an end in sight that you and your therapist can discuss what that looks like. No matter what you’re experiencing—even if you’re perfectly happy—it could be the perfect time for you to experience all that psychiatry can do for you.

Getting started with therapy is easy. Feel free to call us with any questions you may have about beginning this journey, or contact us online. Our experienced therapists will help you through compassion in our safe and confidential location in North Jersey. What are you waiting for? Unlock your best you!