Children, Teens & Young Adults

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Therapy for Your Child, Teen or Young Adult

There are times we feel anxious. Or sometimes we may feel depressed. Other times we might just feel like we’re simply “stuck” in life. We are human, and our emotions experience periods of highs and lows while we encounter the good times in life as well as the unexpected. Our day-to-day lives are bombarded with other people, busy schedules, trying careers and more. We at Family Psychiatry and Therapy understand the ebbs and flows of life—and how it can all get to be a bit much.

The fact is that everyone can benefit from therapy. Despite the common misconception that seeking therapy or psychiatric help means you’re “crazy” or that it’s a luxury out of reach financially, it’s an outlet of relief that can teach you the skills you need to cope with life’s toughest times. Those who go without knowing how to cope with challenging times could endure negative thoughts and feelings longer than they need, which can hurt them emotionally, physically and mentally.

Family Psychiatry and Therapy is here with a safe space, open minds and a history of good experience in order to help you the most when you need it—even when life seems to be smooth sailing. No matter what age or what developmental stage, we’re ready and waiting to help you while teaching the skills to guide you toward achieving anything that is possible. We offer a nurturing, clean and confidential environment for children, teens and adolescents seeking psychiatry near North Jersey for whatever life is throwing their way.

Counseling Sessions for Children

Even though childhood is often reminisced on as a period chock-full of carefree days and no responsibilities, the truth remains that children are very perceptive. They are often “far more attuned to the desires, preferences, beliefs and emotions of others, including adults.” This means that your child can be swept up in their own emotions and thoughts while also being concerned about or affected by what’s happening around them. Turmoil in school or at home, for example, can distract them more than you may have previously thought.  

Ultimately, you family’s goals will be accomplished as we work with your child to gain a sense of self-awareness, self-knowledge and self-acceptance. Learning and adopting these skills will help them build a strong emotional foundation that can help them through life’s trying times. The practitioners at Family Psychiatry and Therapy are also adept at identifying and helping common behavioral problems, such as:

We believe that children’s therapy is a very hands-on and involved process that should include the family and those close to the child. When needed, we may ask permission to work closely with parents, siblings, teachers, school psychologists, doctors and others who may play a role in the child’s life. Understanding the child’s home, school and social environments is often critical in providing the effective therapy being sought.

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Therapy for Teens

There are few stages in life more like a rollercoaster than your teen years. Increasing pressure from homework, extracurricular activities, friends, family and even social media can turn any moment on its end. On top of everything, teens are in a period where they are developing a newfound independence and sense of self. Because adolescents are much more independent and mobile than they were as children, they are often out of the direct physical control of adults. This means that teens are also relying more on their own moral and behavioral compasses.

Because of the influence of peer pressure plays in a teen’s life, they could fall prey to instances of drug or alcohol use, or not abiding by their inner voice telling them what they believe to be right or wrong. They could face lapses of judgment in especially stressful times, but knowing how to come back from any setback is one of the goals of teen therapy. Common factors that contribute to adolescent problems include:

If your teen is “acting out” or just not like themselves, don’t lose hope. We believe that adolescents can learn to identify problems they’re facing and can be aided in developing strategies for addressing that problem. It’s crucial for your teen to understand that they are not the problem. We aim to work with families and teens to develop solutions and good habits. By learning skills to cope with the pressures of being a teen today, they’ll be able to act accordingly in the face of peer pressure, academic struggles and more. We replace “tough love” with simply “love,” which is the first step to self-acceptance, self-awareness and growing into a successful adulthood.

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Learn to Navigate Young Adulthood

Young adulthood—that phase in life where older teens and those in their early 20s begin to flee the nest and go out to explore the frontier of their own life. This is an exciting and stressful part of life, and psychotherapy may be exactly what young adults need to help explore their identity, including their values, interests and large-scale questions of who they are in the world. Some may feel trapped within an “in-between” stage before they find their footing, so feelings of instability and anxiety are common. While adults going to college or starting a career may be pushing for independence, they still count on parents and family for emotional or financial support. College adults tend to be self-focused at this time of their life, so they may need help seeing a bigger picture.

Problems stemming from young adulthood commonly include:

When faced with these prolonged stressors and problems, Family Psychiatry and Therapy can empathize with how far down the rabbit hole your mind can travel. By learning how to treat yourself with compassion and respect, you’ll adopt the skills you need to face even the most stressful times in college or a budding career.

The Time to Get Help Is Now

Anyone at any time in life could benefit from therapy. Our psychiatrists will help you learn how to treat yourself and others with compassion as well as arm you with the therapeutic tools you need to face the highs and lows in life. If you have questions about how we can help children, teens or young adults, call us today or send us a Message online. It’s time to achieve all that is possible in life without feeling restricted, and we can help you do just that.