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Guide: Psychiatrists in NJ

If you or a loved one are struggling with a mental illness or need counseling, it may be beneficial to arrange a consultation with a professional psychiatrist. These expert medical practitioners have extensive experience with diagnosing and treating mental disorders in patients of every age and can play a pivotal role in teaching you how to overcome depression, anxiety, PTSD, personal injuries and more. However, it’s important to understand that each psychiatrist has unique strengths and specialties. Here at Family Psychiatry and Therapy, our top priority is ensuring that every member of your family receives the best mental care possible. Today, we’ll be providing you with a simple guide to psychiatrists in New Jersey to help you find the perfect practitioner to treat your mental disorders and difficulties.  

Sport Psychiatry: Dr. Howard S. Rudominer

According to the American Psychological Association, sport psychology is a proficiency that uses psychological knowledge and skills to address the optimal performance and well-being of athletes, developmental and social aspects of sports participation, and systemic issues associated with sports settings and organizations. If you or a family member are grappling with the incredible physical and mental pressure associated with athletic activities, then you should definitely consider reaching out to a sport psychiatrist.

Dr. Howard S. Rudominer has over 40 years of experience in treating patients with various psychiatric disorders, including sports performance difficulties. He’s also received a multitude of respected awards (including the Patients’ Choice Award in 2012) for his outstanding work in the field of mental care. Dr. Rudominer can assist your loved ones with regulating their energy and preparing for athletic performances and evaluations. He can also counsel the family members of athletes and teach them how to provide optimal support over the course of their relative’s athletic career.

If you are interested in working with Dr. Rudominer or learning more about his services, then we encourage you to call or message him as soon as possible.

Childhood Bipolar Disorders and OCD: Dr. Merritt Hubsher

Whether your child is pursuing success at work, school or a form of creative expression, it can be challenging for them to find success and reach their goals when plagued by crippling mental conditions like OCD or bipolar disorder. These mental ailments can make it extremely difficult to concentrate on daily tasks and build healthy relationships and friendships with their peers. By working with a psychiatrist who specialized in these disorders, your child can acquire incredibly effective strategies for mitigating the adverse symptoms of their condition, improving their happiness, productivity and quality of life in the process.

Dr. Merritt Hubsher is a certified psychiatrist who specializes in the treatment of childhood mood disorders, including bipolar disorder and OCD. He’s been in practice since 1987, promoting effective and compassionate treatment for children, adolescents and adults alike. Dr. Hubsher is exceptionally skilled at helping families with a range of child and adolescent emotional, behavioral, social and academic disorders. Last but not least, Dr. Hubsher can also assist children who are struggling with autism and eating disorders.

If you are interested in working with Dr. Hubsher, then be sure to call or message the ADHD, Mood & Behavior Center of New Jersey.

Depression, Anxiety & ADHD: Dr. Helene A. Miller

The stress and anxiety of our daily lives can be overwhelming. Regrettably, anxiety disorders are the most common mental illness in the United States, currently affecting 40 million adults in the country. That’s a staggering 18% of the population, and this epidemic of mental distress is still on the rise. Many individuals with anxiety also suffer from major depressive disorder, a condition that afflicts more than 15 million American adults. If you are experiencing depression or anxiety, it’s imperative to seek professional help as soon as you can. Working with a qualified psychiatrist is one of the fastest and most effective ways to manage your depression and recover from your illness.

Dr. Helene A. Miller has received extensive training in Adult, Child and Adolescent Psychiatry. Over the course of her career, she’s helped couples, families, adults and seniors to work through their stress, anxiety and depression. Furthermore, as a mother of young children and teenagers, she has an intimate understanding of how challenging it can be to raise children in today’s complex and demanding society. If you, your spouse or your children are struggling with anxiety, depression or other mental issues (including ADHD, autism and learning difficulties), Dr. Miller can provide your family with the knowledge and resources you need overcome these burdens and start living the life you’ve always wanted.

If you would like to work with Dr. Miller, then call or message Family Psychiatry and Therapy today to request an appointment.

See reviews from patients who have worked with Dr. Miller.

Overcome Your Mental Illness With Family Psychiatry and Therapy Today

Are you experiencing a mental illness or source of stress besides the ones we’ve mentioned above? Our experienced team of mental health professionals can help you with a wide range of therapy services, including:

    • Individual and Group Therapy
    • Parent, Couples and Family Therapy
    • Children, Teens and Young Adults Therapy
    • Psychiatric Consultations
    • PTSD
    • Women’s Health and Postpartum
    • School Consultation and Clearance
    • Worker’s Compensation
    • Personal Injury and Protection

No matter how crippling or insurmountable your mental distress or disorders become, you are never beyond help. Seeking professional care is the first and most important step in beating your mental illness. The road to a full recovery may be long and hard, but with the love and support of your friends, family and psychiatrist, you can and will persevere. Regardless of which medical practitioner you choose, we wish you the absolute best.

If you are interested in working with one of our experienced staff or want more advice on which New Jersey psychiatrist you should schedule an appointment with, then don’t hesitate to reach out to us today. We’re here to help in any way we can.

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