The Negative Effects if Depression is Left Untreated


Depression Affects Health

Depression is a low mood that causes a person to feel extremely sad and lack interest. It can negatively affect a person’s health, especially if left untreated.

Weight Gain/Loss

A person that is depressed can experience unexpected weight gain or loss. A person may use eating as a coping mechanism, or have a decrease in their appetite, resulting in weight gain or weight loss.

Loss of Sleep/Insomnia

Depression can negatively affect a person’s sleeping habits. They may begin to sleep less at night and even experience insomnia.


Fatigue is extreme tiredness, and depression can cause a person to feel fatigue. Those affected by depression will experience fatigue and lack energy on a daily basis.

It’s important to address depression as soon as possible. If you need help for depression for someone in your family, contact Family Psychiatry and Therapy.

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