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The Physical Effects of Drug Addiction

Burden on the Body

Drug addiction is a disease that can negatively affect a person both psychologically and physically. Here are a few ways that addiction affects the body physically.

Heart Complications

Different drugs can damage the heart. Some of the damages or complications include irregular heartbeat, a weakened heart and heart attacks.

Kidney and Liver Damage

The kidneys help remove waste products and excess water, while the liver has many functions, such as aiding in digestion and storing nutrients; however, these functions can be disrupted because of drugs.

Contraction of Diseases

Disease, such as HIV and hepatitis, can be contracted as a result of drug abuse. Risky behavior or the sharing of needles can pass on diseases from one person to another.

Drug addiction is not only for adults, but teenagers can also be addicts. If your need help for substance abuse and addiction displayed by your teenager, contact Family Psychiatry and Therapy.

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