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Three Different Types of Anxiety Disorder

The Feeling of Anxiety

Anxiety is accompanied by feelings of fearfulness and possible one or more unpleasant physical symptoms. Conditions where anxiety is a main symptom are known as anxiety disorders, and there are different types.

Phobic Anxiety Disorder

A phobia is a strong fear of a thing or event. Coming in contact with, or sometimes even thinking about the feared situation causes anxiety. This can cause a person to completely avoid the feared situation, resulting in restricting themselves in life.

Panic Disorder

This results in recurring panic attacks. A panic attack is a severe attack of anxiety and fear, which occurs suddenly for no apparent reason. The physical symptoms include palpitations, trembling, chest pains, and feeling faint.

Generalized Anxiety Disorder

With this disorder, you experience plenty of anxiety on most days because it tends to be about minor things. This condition is long term and symptoms include tiredness, being irritable, muscle tension, etc.

Anxiety disorders are hard to live with, but understanding them is a step in the right direction. Treat anxiety disorders with assistance from Helene Anne Miller.

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