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Problems Affecting Teenagers Due to Drug Abuse

Drug Abuse Affects Adolescent Development

Drug abuse and addiction has a negative impact on a teenager’s development. It can cause various problems that negatively affect a teenager’s development.

Emotional Problems

Drugs are sometimes used by teenagers to suppress emotional problems, such as depression. However, drugs can intensify the problems, making them even more unbearable.

Behavioral Problems

Teenagers with a drug abuse problem display changes in their behavior. They may become less social, develop suicidal thoughts and actions, and display violent tendencies.

Mental Problems

Drug abuse can result in serious, and in some case, irreversible damage to the brain. This can result in a decrease in a teenager’s ability to learn and remember.

If a teenager happens to have a drug addiction problem, immediate intervention is necessary. Helene Anne Miller is a family psychiatrist that provides effective treatment for drug abuse problems in teenagers.

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