5 Early Warning Signs of Depression

  1. Persistent sad feeling – Most times you won’t realize this right away. To really be sure, ask yourself, “When was the last time you were happy”.
  2. Feeling of hopelessness – Are you finding yourself extremely pessimistic? If you’re constantly feeling stuck, without choice, or that no one cares, those are signs of depression.
  3. Frequent crying episodes – Have you constantly started crying without reason? This is another warning sign of depression.
  4. Sleeping too much – Do you find yourself sleeping all day? This is unhealthy. If you’re constantly sleeping all day, you may have depression.
  5. Suicidal thoughts – If you’ve been experiencing suicidal thought, call a help hotline. These are dangerous thoughts, and you need to speak to someone to talk you through it.

To get psychiatric help for you and your family visit http://www.familypsychnj.com/ today.

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