15 June 2015

Recognize the Symptoms of Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder

Notice the Signs Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) is triggered when a person experiences or witnesses a terrifying event.  There are certain signs or symptoms PTSD sufferers may display or experience. Flashbacks Persons affected by PTSD will experience flashbacks and relive a traumatic experience. Sometimes, a person may even have nightmares about the terrifying incident. Negative...
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11 June 2015

Fidgeting in ADHD Children May Enhance Brain Function

The most obvious sign of attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) in children is excessive fidgeting, affecting up to 75 percent of cases. Although it can be challenging for parents and teachers, a new research suggests that the constant movement may improve cognitive performance. Researchers at the University of California, Davis MIND Institute analyzed the movement...
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20 May 2015

The Negative Effects if Depression is Left Untreated

Depression Affects Health Depression is a low mood that causes a person to feel extremely sad and lack interest. It can negatively affect a person’s health, especially if left untreated. Weight Gain/Loss A person that is depressed can experience unexpected weight gain or loss. A person may use eating as a coping mechanism, or have...
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21 April 2015

The Physical Effects of Drug Addiction

Burden on the Body Drug addiction is a disease that can negatively affect a person both psychologically and physically. Here are a few ways that addiction affects the body physically. Heart Complications Different drugs can damage the heart. Some of the damages or complications include irregular heartbeat, a weakened heart and heart attacks. Kidney and...
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24 March 2015

Signs a Teenager May Be Suffering From Teen Depression

Possible Signs of Depression Teen depression negatively affects a teenager emotionally, mentally and physically. Here are a few ways to determine if a teenager may be depressed. Loss of Interest Teenagers that suffer from depression will become disinterested in some of their favorite activities, such as sports and watching television. Withdrawal Social withdrawal is another...
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23 February 2015

Consulting with an Adolescent Psychiatrist to Combat Disorders

The Feeling of Anxiety During adolescence, a teenage will experience psychological and physical changes that may cause them to behave differently. However, it’s important to distinguish these changes from mental disorders. Mood Disorders A mood disorder results in extreme elevations or drops in a person’s mood. Common mood disorders a teenage may experience are bipolar...
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24 December 2014

Three Different Types of Anxiety Disorder

The Feeling of Anxiety Anxiety is accompanied by feelings of fearfulness and possible one or more unpleasant physical symptoms. Conditions where anxiety is a main symptom are known as anxiety disorders, and there are different types. Phobic Anxiety Disorder A phobia is a strong fear of a thing or event. Coming in contact with, or...
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14 November 2014

Problems Affecting Teenagers Due to Drug Abuse

Drug Abuse Affects Adolescent Development Drug abuse and addiction has a negative impact on a teenager’s development. It can cause various problems that negatively affect a teenager’s development. Emotional Problems Drugs are sometimes used by teenagers to suppress emotional problems, such as depression. However, drugs can intensify the problems, making them even more unbearable. Behavioral...
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13 November 2014

Possible causes of Post-traumatic Stress Disorder

Family Violence: Trauma from family violence can predispose an individual to PTSD. It has been shown that the disturbing memories are greater contributors to the biological and psychological dimensions of PTSD than the event itself. Genetics: There is evidence that vulnerability to PTSD is hereditary. Approximately 30% of the variance in PTSD is caused from...
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10 November 2014

5 Excuses for Staying Addicted

Is One of Them Yours? If you’re struggling with addiction, you’re not alone. More than 23 million people need treatment for a drug or alcohol problem, according to the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration, but less than 11 percent are getting it. Are you part of the 89 percent? If so, what’s your...
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