13 May 2014

Getting Treatment for Mental Disorders:

Being diagnosed with a mental disorder can be a trying time for a family. With so much confusion surrounding these mental disorders we’re here with some guiding steps to take care of you. – Make sure you see a licensed psychiatrist who’s invested in helping you get better. – If prescribed medication make sure that...
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18 April 2014

5 Early Warning Signs of Depression

Persistent sad feeling – Most times you won’t realize this right away. To really be sure, ask yourself, “When was the last time you were happy”. Feeling of hopelessness – Are you finding yourself extremely pessimistic? If you’re constantly feeling stuck, without choice, or that no one cares, those are signs of depression. Frequent crying...
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17 April 2014

Is Medication Better than Therapy?

When it comes to your mental health, medication and therapy are not mutually exclusive. In fact, therapists encourage patients taking psychotropic medications to continue with therapy treatment. While prescribed medication can improve patient function, in truth, these pills only treat the symptoms of mental health conditions. Medication cannot correct past trauma or longstanding behavioral patterns,...
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