13 December 2017

10 Ways to Beat Anxiety Now

Anyone who’s experienced a bout of anxiety knows how crippling it can be. It’s quite common for people to get nervous and experience anxiety in particularly high-stress situations like a big exam at school, a major evaluation at work, or a much-anticipated social event or date. Others suffer from anxiety disorders, where the bouts of...
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28 August 2017

Understanding and Recognizing Cyberbullying

Cyberbullying is a serious social issue that affects millions of teens and adolescents every single year. Like many other forms of bullying, online harassment has been linked to a number of negative outcomes in children, including depression, anxiety and decreased academic performance. In severe cases, this use of technology to harm or intimidate others can...
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21 August 2017

How to Soothe a Panic Attack

Panic attacks are incredibly stressful periods of intense fear and discomfort that can strike quickly and without any warning, making it very difficult to predict when they will occur. Individuals suffering from these attacks may experience nausea, chest discomfort, feelings of choking, anxiety, terror and other troubling symptoms that inhibit their ability to carry out...
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20 August 2017

Do I Have Depression?

Life is full of hardships and adversity, and we all experience momentary periods of stress, sorrow and anxiety from time to time. These emotional difficulties are perfectly normal and tend to pass within a matter of days. However, if you’ve ever found yourself feeling down for weeks on end, you may be suffering from depression...
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19 August 2017

Why Exercising is Good for Depression

Depression is one of the most prevalent mental illnesses in the United States, affecting millions of children, teens and adults across the nation. If you or a loved one are suffering from this mental health condition, odds are very good that you already have a strong understanding of the negative impact it can have on...
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18 August 2017

How to Manage a Career When You Have OCD

Obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD) is a serious mental health condition that can severely inhibit the lives of those it affects. The intrusive, distressing thoughts and compulsive acts caused by OCD can make it exceptionally challenging for afflicted individuals to successfully complete the demanding daily activities and responsibilities involved in their careers, particularly if their vocation involves...
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12 August 2017

How to Recognize PTSD in Your Spouse

Shocking, dangerous and frightening events can cause a veritable tide of adverse effects, including stress, nightmares and the loss of trust in other people. More often than not, these negative reactions will improve with time as memories of the event begin to fade and lessen in severity. However, in some situations, these individuals continue to...
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10 July 2017

7 Strategies to Cope With OCD

Obsessive-compulsive disorder, or OCD, affects 1 in 40 adults and 1 in 100 children, according to the WHO. Sometimes when people think of OCD, they think of humerus characters from TV shows or movies who like to sit in a particular seat, or who need to wash their hands repeatedly, but in reality, OCD is...
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30 June 2017

15 Ways to Beat Anxiety Now

The overwhelming feelings of doubt, worry and unease that anxiety disorders cause can make it incredibly challenging for afflicted individuals to enjoy their lives and complete their daily responsibilities. That’s why it’s absolutely critical to seek treatment if you or a loved one are suffering from one of these dangerous and potentially crippling disorders. At...
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